Franciscan Martyrs of Siroki Brijeg Fraternity OFS

In Memoriam

Requiescat in Pace

This page is dedicated those members of the Franciscan Martyrs of Siroki Brijeg Fraternity who have joined the Church Triumphant.

Rosalie Doyle, OFS
November 3, 2014
Carol Tyler, OFS
August 17, 2012
Mary Jenkins, OFS
September 2, 2011

Glenn Burns, OFS
March 3, 2007
Deacon Bill Diehl, OFS
August 11, 2006

Besides All Souls Day on November 2, The Franciscan Order observes a Franciscan All Souls Day – the Capuchins on October 5, the Conventuals on November 3, and the Franciscans and Third Order Regular on December 1.
On this day the Office for the Dead and a holy Mass are said, not only for the deceased members of the Franciscan Order, but also for their departed relatives and benefactors, and for all those who are buried in Franciscan cemeteries.

edited by Marion Habig, OFM
Copyright 1959 Franciscan Herald Press
used with written permission from the publisher
[Ref: [TAU-Daily] Oct 5 – The Commemoration of All the Dead of the Franciscan Order]